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What's New This Week
Saturday, June 23, 2012
The MyPECS public beta has been going strong and your feedback has been much appreciated. We've ironed out most of the bugs and we're fast approaching our official launch this coming July. We hope you're as excited as we are!

We've added several new PECS cards this week based on YOUR requests! In total our talented artists have created 12 new PECS cards. Below is a sampling of some of the cards added this week:


Keep the requests coming and please show your support and link to us. More to come this week!

MyPECS Launches In Public Beta
Friday, June 1, 2012
We are proud to announces that MyPECS has launched today in public beta! MyPECS is a unique service designed to help families with loved ones who have limited verbal capabilities. We give you an outstanding array of advanced features such as:

Free PECS cards!
Our entire online catalog is FREE! You won't pay a dime to download any of our PECS cards. In fact, your won't pay a time to use our site... period!

Searchable PECS card library
Our PECS card library is keyword indexed so finding the PECS card you need is a snap! Enter your search criteria in the box at the top-right of the page and click the search icon. The PECS cards matching your search criteria will be presented to you to add to your account.

Need a custom card? Request it for free!
Our PECS card library is made up mostly from customer requests. If a card you're looking for isn't in our library, you can request it. In a few days, typically a week or less, one of our professional artists will create it and our IT staff will post it to our site.

Manage your PECS cards
When you find the PECS cards you need, you can add them to your personal account. Use your account dashboard to print, email, and download your PECS cards.

Rate our PECS cards
Our goal is to provide PECS cards that will be useful to all our members. If there is a PECS card you feel doesn't portray the subject well enough, you can rate the card. We have internal analytic reports that are run weekly to provide our staff with an overview of how we're doing.

PECS card comments
Share your thoughts and opinions on a particular PECS card by posting a comment about it in our public comments section. Your comments will be visible to other members to view and share opinions on.

Complete control over your PECS cards
Our advanced administrative control panel allows you to manage every aspect of your profile and personal PECS library with a powerful, yet simple to use, interface.

MyPECS is a recognized leader in high quality and professional PECS cards, so make sure to check us out! Signup for your free account now and discover all of the benefits of MyPECS!

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